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Yahoo Mail has been around for over two decades now and the good thing is that they have evolved quite nicely over this period. It is easy to sign up and get a free email account with a massive 1 TB storage – that is as good as unlimited storage for emails! The interface is sleek and friendly and can be easily customized by choosing a theme of your liking.

Yahoo Mail lets you add up to 10 send-only email addresses to your account. You have the option to connect up to 50 mailboxes (other email accounts) and use them through Yahoo Mail. There is a ‘travel’ view that focuses on your travel plans and it can do that for all the connected mailboxes. Your impressions might vary, but since I do like the interface of Yahoo Mail, I can consider making use of these mailboxes and using Yahoo Mail as a hub for some of my email accounts.

The differentiating feature for Yahoo Mail is the ability to create 500 disposable email addresses. That is definitely more than most people would ever need. You can use these to subscribe to all sorts of services and newsletters that you are not sure you would like to keep receiving, and just delete them to stop receiving the emails.

The feature is quite nice but Yahoo needs to do a better job at walking the user through the process of creating these disposable addresses. It is not very straightforward and you might end up with an unchangeable, unintentional base key for the disposable email addresses, as I did. So be careful with that.

The service itself is quite feature-rich. You can customize the inbox layout, settings for writing and reading emails, and create filters to manage the incoming emails. Yahoo Mail is ad-supported and the ads can even be suppressed for a while, making it a fair deal for the users and Yahoo as well!

Yahoo’s services have had multiple security breaches over the last few years, which makes me very vary against using it as my primary email account, but it is definitely a good option as an alternative email account.


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