30 Awesome Life-Hacks Using WD-40

We all know about WD-40 or have at least heard of it. In case you don’t really know what this spray is for then you’re going to find out more about its very many uses. In this article, we share with you just 30 out of the many uses. These uses are creative and lifesaving. The benefits include:

1. Cleaning Your Phone Screens

It’s common for your phone’s screen to get dirty and sometimes, the screen can be a breeding ground for pathogens that could be harmful to you. Sometimes, they are not the easiest to clean even with a wet wipe. In such cases you should reach for WD-40. Use it together with a clean microfiber piece of cloth and you will love the result.

2. Getting Rid Of Fingerprints

Our skin contains natural oils that in most cases end up leaving fingerprints on the different surfaces we touch. If you don’t like the idea of leaving evidence you can simply make use of WD-40. Just spray it on the object you’ve touched and then use a clean piece of cloth to wipe it. This will remove the oily prints. You can use this tip on your smartphones, doorknobs and also wooden pieces of furniture.

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